Historic Windows With Pullman Balances

How To Install A Pullman Spring Counterbalance


Pullman Spring Counterbalance’s are installed in the preexisting cut out in the window frame. The hook is then attached to the window sash with the supplied bracket with minimal effort. Pullman counterbalances are an excellent replacement for broken chains, cords, and weights, in older and historical homes.

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Pullman Counterbalance’s Since 1886 Made in USA


How to Replace Sash Weights with Spring Balances | Video | Windows | This Old House

How to Replace Sash Weights with Spring Balances | Video | Windows | This Old House.

Easily Replace Window Weights, Sash Cords, and Pulleys Still Present in Older Homes

Pullman Manufacturing Corp.has been producing sash-spring counterbalances for windows since 1886. These balances are being used in residential homes and commercial buildings worldwide.

The sash balances are designed to easily replace window weights, sash cords, and pulleys still present in older homes. Installation of this tape balance system allows for the current window frame to be insulated when the existingweights are removed. The counterweights give a noiseless, trouble-free operation for your windows.


Upgrading Windows In Older Historical Homes

The Pullman tape or spring balance is an appropriate option for upgrading windows in older historical homes, restoration/renovation projects, or new construction.

The sash balance is a stainless steel tape, greased and wound on a wheel that is mounted on a coiled, high-carbon steel spring inside of a metal case. The balance is connected to the window sash by the tape that hooks onto a bracket.

Each spring-loaded balance is manufactured and sold in various sizes that would offset the weight of a particular sash. Note: two balances are need per sash.

Fix your broken balances or sash cords and weights with the Pullman Spring Balance!

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